Automate Decision Making with Data-Driven Reports

Date Added: June 28, 2018 01:05:03 PM
Author: Scott Stevens
Category: Computers: Software Downloads
You have probably already heard that digital data is now one of the world's most valuable commodities. In fact, it is safe to say that the constantly growing amount of ones and zeros in the world today is the new oil. That's because organizations can use it to increase the effectiveness of their marketing strategies, improve customer experiences and, ultimately, boost profitability in ways that simply weren't possible before. However, the big challenge lies in finding ways to make this so-called 'big data' useful. That's where SQL-RD SSRS Data-Driven Automation comes in. A powerful report management tool designed for the enterprise environment, SQL-RD works with the Microsoft SWL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to boost performance and productivity throughout every area of your business. It ensures that all end users receive data-driven reports in real time, without the need for complex and repetitive manual processes that tend to lead to outdated, incorrect or inconsistent data entry. Manage and Schedule Reporting Tasks with Ease Given that every business has a unique set of operational goals, there is no point in implementing a reporting system that only gives you a limited range of abilities. SQL-RD, however, provides unprecedented flexibility, which allows you to tailor it to the specific needs and priorities of your organization. Once you have installed the program, the first thing you will do when configuring a reporting schedule is to choose your data sources which, unsurprisingly, will be very different from one company to the next. SQL-RD can monitor ERP, CRM, CMS and many other different systems in real time and draw data from them to create reports per the schedule you define. Next, you'll set up time- and/or date-based reporting, having reports made for you hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. These, however, are just presets, and you have unlimited flexibility, which allows you to have reports created at specific times such as, for example, the second Monday of every month. Furthermore, different reports can be created at different times. As a flexible and scalable system that you can adapt to your company's specific operational goals and priorities, SQL-RD can automatically create reports when it detects specific events occurring, such as the creation or modification of a file or a new entry in a database. These event-based schedules make SQL-RD ideal in a vast range of different situations. When you create a scheduled task, you will also be able to choose an output format and specify where you want the report to be sent. SQL-RD supports every format you are ever likely to use, including Word, Excel, PDF and plain text among numerous others. Once generated, reports may be sent to you by email, or uploaded to an FTP server or cloud storage service or saved to a local hard drive. If you prefer, the reports can even be printed or faxed automatically. New in version 7.4 is an improved installer that will automatically check your operating system for any compatibility issues during installation and updates. Several issues with report creation, registration, scheduling and output formats have also been resolved. Get started today by visiting