MAPS.ME: Bicycle Navigation, Best Cycling Routes

Date Added: January 30, 2018 09:44:47 PM
Author: Alexander Bobko
Category: Computers: Software Downloads
It is common joke that in some places winter lasts for 9 months. Although even that cannot put people off cycling, especially those who use bicycles for commuting rather than merely sports. Cyclists keeping the right lane or a special bike lane may now equally share the road with the cars. Why not just use sidewalks? Firstly, in most places - basically, anywhere without a separate bike lane - that would be against the law. Also passing the pedestrians on a narrow path is a tricky challenge. Most pedestrians get stressed by the sight of a cyclist on a sidewalk. People wearing headphones can't hear bicycle bells, others never tear their eyes away from cell phones, and some are simply scared of cyclists. Nevertheless, riding a bicycle is a good way to relax and relieve after-work stress. If you choose to ride a bike, try new offline Bicycle Navigation on MAPS.ME. Use our maps to curate a cycling route that accounts for the specific terrain and picks the most convenient route. Car navigation in MAPS.ME also got a redesign providing more space to the Route window. Turns are now displayed in a separate box with all the details shown in the lower panel. In addition to Route Time and Distance, now you can also track your Speed. A speed-dependent automatic zoom is another feature worth checking out. There are thousands of cycling routes all around the world to serve the most selective taste. We have picked the most scenic trails to inspire your travels: Donauradweg Alta Via dei Monti Liguri Westweg "Schluchtensteig" Worth Way Forest Way Cuckoo Trail Hiawatha Trail Rallarvegen or the Navvy Road Yungas Road The "Van Gogh" cycling route With MAPS.ME, riding a bike can be truly captivating. Download it now and enjoy the most exciting routes of the world in one map! Android version is available in Google Play. Feel free to download it at For more information, please visit