Date Added: January 13, 2018 02:32:53 AM
Author: Elouise Bellino
Category: Computers: Tools & Recovery
MS Key is used for a wide range of purposes. For example, you can use this software to retrieve software, users' blogs or personal homepages. And MS Key can also extract MS-Key from cluttered text, remove free mp3 duplicate finder data, and save it to a file or clipboard for other purposes. I hope for your help! 【Browse】: Import from the text file to the left text box (will overwrite existing content). [From clipboard]: Import the text in the clipboard to the left text box. If you select 'Append', the new text will be appended to the left text box where the cursor is. You can use [From Clipboard] multiple times to copy key text from multiple places. If you do not select 'Append', will overwrite the existing content. 【Page 1】 ~ 【Page 4】: Directly download the specified web page and import it to the left text box (it will overwrite the existing content). The definition of the corresponding web page is in MS_Key_Tool.ini. 【Input URL】: Same as [Page 1] ~ [Page 4], except that the URL is not defined in the ini file, but directly copy the URL in the browser or input the web address manually. You can also edit directly in the left text box (copy, paste, delete \u0026 hellip; \u0026 hellip;) Because [page 1] ~ [page 4] is obtained from the ini file URL, the button can not visually see the URL, so to these 4 buttons added 'hint' function: when the mouse over the button, will The URL given to it is displayed. Greatly increased speed: Before processing the web page takes a few seconds to dozens of seconds, currently can be less than 0.1 seconds (3 examples of the URL test time 0.024 seconds / 0.059 seconds / 0.087 seconds, respectively) to deal with without delay. Added to prevent duplication of code, added a skin (ini file control), if can not find ini file, use the default. If the system language is not Simplified Chinese, the skin is automatically banned (in some other languages ​​to enable the skin will have some Chinese characters garbled)